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Getting a complete picture of your health, and all the things that are affecting your health, helps us give you excellent health care.  We’ll start with your concerns, preferences, and overall health in order to make a care plan that works for you. At Imperial Beach Health Center and Nestor Community Health Center you will choose one physician who will oversee your healthcare. That way, you and your physician get to know each other over time. You might only deal with one concern at a particular visit, but we will consider your overall health, preferences and experiences as we create a treatment plan that works for you.

Our goal is to make sure each patient is heard and understood, and feels at home.

When you first come into the clinic, you will be asked for your complete health history. You’ll be asked about medical care you have received here and outside of our clinic, and you’ll be asked some information about your health and your family situation so that a complete picture of your health emerges. 

We ask for information about care you receive other places so we don’t repeat lab tests or procedures unnecessarily or so we don’t give you any medications that react badly with other medications you may take. We’ll ask about prescription medications, or over-the-counter medicine, and herbal remedies you take, because they are all important.

Some conditions run in families, and a family medical history lets us know to watch out for them. Where you live and work, and how much stress you experience also affects your health. We ask about these things because they impact your well being.

Good care takes a team approach.

At Imperial Beach Health Center and Nestor Community Health Center you can expect evidence-based care, and our support to help you manage your health and healthcare.

Our practice is organized into care teams. Your care team includes you, your physician or nurse practitioner, and a medical assistant, and may include a case manager, nutritionist, a health educator or a specialist. This care team is there to manage all aspects of your care.

The team will address your concerns, answer your questions, make sure that we understand what you want and need, and that you understand your health and what you can do to keep yourself well. You’ll be able to get preventive care, screenings, and health education. If you need help managing conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, depression, anxiety, obesity, or other conditions your care team will help you with that, too. If you see a specialist your care team will help arrange the appointment for you, and make sure your physician receives results and reports.

Using care teams and secure electronic communications helps us coordinate your care with other providers. With your permission, your physician can now quickly share information with other doctors, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, and the immunization registry. Your physician now has an increased ability to see all your medical information at once. This provides a comprehensive picture of your overall health, and helps care to be tailored to your individual needs.

Your care team can also help you identify insurance and patient assistance programs for which you qualify, and they can put you in touch with community resources that can provide assistance with housing, food, utilities, education, counseling, childcare and other needs. It’s all part of taking care of you.


If you are a new patient, or if this is your first visit to us since June 1, 2012, you will be asked to fill out our new electronic registration form. Please arrive 30 minutes early if you are a new patient, or are registering electronically for the first time.

We will need to see your insurance card if you have one, and a list of any current medications you are taking. New patients will be screened to see if they are eligible for any state programs or a sliding fee scale. The usual minimum fee for a medical visit is $30.

Please fill out our registration forms before your appointment and bring them with you. They will save you time when you get to the health center.



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What should I do?

I don’t have an appointment but I think I need to see a doctor.

Call us.

Imperial Beach Health Center and Nestor Community Health Center both have the same phone number: (619) 429-3733.

Whether the clinic is open or closed, a nurse or doctor is available to answer your concerns.

You may need to leave a message, and then a provider will call you back. Patients with the most urgent needs are helped first, and then others.

We always have some appointments reserved for people who need an appointment the same day they call. If the physician thinks you need to go to an Emergency Room he or she will direct you there.

Patient Portal
As an established patient of IBCC you will receive an invitation to Follow My Health to join our Patient Portal as a way to directly communicate with your care team.

I need a prescription refill.
Call your pharmacy. The pharmacy will contact your physician, if necessary.

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