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At Imperial Beach Health Center or Nestor Community Health Center you will choose one physician who will oversee your healthcare. That way, you and your physician get to know each other over time. You might only deal with one concern at a particular visit, but we will consider your overall health, preferences and experiences as we create a treatment plan that works for you.

For general information, medical advice, appointments, or administrative services, please call (619) 429-3733.

We cannot give medical advice or make appointments via email.

Phone: 619 429-3733

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Human Resources: x 564
Nutrition Services: x 589
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..Imperial Beach x 574
..Nestor x 583 or 619 628-5563 Grants & Donations: x 530
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  Human Resources: (619) 429-3826
IBHC Medical: (619) 628-5550
NCHC Medical: (619) 628-5550

Email: info@ibclinic.org

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